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Bandcamp info. “Anders Buaas, born 1974 in Larvik, has played with numerous bands and produced many albums in Norway. He has been a touring guitarist for Paul DiAnno (Iron Maiden) and Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest) for many years before starting his own project: The Witches of Finnmark, an instrumental journey based on stories about the prosecution of witches in Finnmark in the 16th and 17th century.” This latest effort by Anders Buaas entitled The Edinburgh Suite (from 2022, with guest Marco Minneman on drums) is my first musical encounter with his music, and I am blown away, what a wonderful, varied and elaborate compositions. To me it sounds as progressive musicin the true meaning of the word, adventurous and eclectic.

 The Edinburgh Suite Pt. 1 Old Town (20:30) : First twanging acoustic guitars, in a mellow atmosphere, Mike Oldfield comes to my mind, due to the pleasant harmonic and melodic blend of a wide range of instruments, from electric guitar and piano runs to harmonica and vibraphone. Then suddenly the  sumptuous sound of a church organ, soon accompanied by fat Minimoog flights (in the vein of Rick Wakeman), and topped with the sound of Mellotron choirs. Then the music turns into electronic music featuring pulsating sequencers and cheerful synthesizer runs. Halfway a heavy electric guitar solo with powerful drum beats. In  the second part back to an electronic sound, evoking Vangelis. Finally a catchy up-tempo beat with folky electric guitar work, culminating in a grand finale with a heavy guitar sound. Wow, how exciting, variety rules!

The Edinburgh Suite Pt. 2 New Town (21:30) : The intro delivers spacey electronic music sound, with the beeps and bleeps, then a heavy metal eruption with blistering electric guitar and thunderous drums (like Yngwie Malmsteen). Then a dreamy climate with twanging acoustic guitar and soaring keyboards, blended with tender work on the vibraphone. Next sequencing, orchestral keyboards, turning into a mid-tempo beat with fiery guitar leads and propulsive drums, wow. In the second part again orchestral keyboard layers, then a tic-toc sound, spacey synthesizer flights, tender electric guitar runs. Finally a long and moving, strongly build-up guitar solo, in a slow rhythm, gradually a more lush atmosphere, with howling and fiery electric guitar runs, how wonderful and compelling.

I am impressed, what a strong and varied prog!

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Wat een bijzonder mooi geschreven en inhoudelijk zo herkenbare recensie!! Thnx 🙏

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