Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba - Hilo Negro

Posted: 010522

Review Erik Neuteboom

I wonder if there is any rock band that sounds like this new Spanish formation, what an adventurous and captivating blend of different musical genres, with lots of strong musical ideas. This is the band its new album entitled Hilo Negro, from 2021, after the eponymous debut CD in 2019. The excellent flamenco inspired Spanish vocals strongly evoke Manuel Martinez, the singer of Rock Andaluz legend Medina Azahara. The guitar rocks, and rhythm-section is a swinging powerhouse (lots of heavy and bombastic parts on this album). The frequent use of the Arab darbuka percussion and a sitar-like synthesizer sound add a sultry flavour to the music. And the keyboard player colours the music with inventive ideas, more close to modern dance music than Old School Prog, but ... progressive! My highlights.

A Rock Andaluz sound in the tracks El Valle (powerful and swinging rhythm, expressive vocals, blended with a sitar sound, the climates shift from sultry to bombastic), Gitana (an intro with intense vocals, evoking Todo Es De Color by Lole & Manuel, then an overwhelming ethnic rock sound) and my favorite Somnium Igni - Pt. 2 (lots of changing atmospheres, embellished with powerful rock guitar riffs, varied keyboards, tender vocals, and finally spectacular synthesizer flights, thunderous drums, emotional vocals, and soaring Mellotron violins, wow).

The song Porselana Teeth features raw and heavy rock like Black Sabbath, then a slow rhythm with wah-wah guitar and powerful vocals, in a funky beat.

In Turbocamello another sultry climate, with an exciting up-tempo swinging rhythm, flamenco inspired vocals, blended with a sitar sound and propulsive darbuka beats, “rock meets ethnic”. Halfway bass runs with a slight phaser sound, then again , “rock meets ethnic”, evoking the worlds of India and Marocco, how captivating.

And finally La Cueva that delivers a slow rhythm, a powerful organ sound, bluesy vocals, in the second part a compelling slide guitar solo, now the band sounds like early Pink Floyd!

Wow, what a splendid second effort!

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Dank je Paul, fraai compliment!

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Wat een bijzonder mooi geschreven en inhoudelijk zo herkenbare recensie!! Thnx 🙏

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