Osanna - Il Diedro del Mediterraneo

Posted: 021221

Review Erik Neuteboom

The Neapolitan Band of Progressive Rock celebrates 50 years of career : 1971 – 2021.

Fifty years after the publication of the album L’UOMO released in 1971 (accrediting the Italian Record Critics Award) the Osanna are at work to set up the new live scheduled with the presentation of the three parallel publications created for the occasion. The new album entitled OSANNA 50 ° – Il Diedro Del Mediterraneo which will be printed on CD and on Vinyl with unreleased tracks. The book written by Franco Vassia entitled L’Uomo: Sulle Note Di Un Veliero. And the rockumentary docu film Osannaples written and directed by director M. Deborah Farina which has already had its world premiere at the Seeyousound International film Festival in Turin. The film will also be released on DVD attached to the record work, and will be screened in festivals and events related to live shows and the world of musical cinema. Now part 1 of the Osanna celebration, the new album.

What a very pleasant and varied prog Osanna delivers in the 11 tracks, very inspired, elaborate, and embellished with a wide range of instruments, even the sound of a didgeridoo in the short opener Spirit.

An interesting blend of electronic music (fat sequencing and tasteful synthesizer sounds), pleasant Italian vocals, and in the end cello in Il Diedro Del Mediterraneo.

Bluesy guitar play and vocals, then a slow rhythm featuring Hammond, violin, a fiery saxophone solo (David Jackson), and finally moving guitar runs in Tu.

Intense vocals in the wonderful ballad Signori Della Terra.

Exciting rock guitar in Zuoccole E Tammorre (powerful male and female duo vocals and sensational synthesizer flights) and Mare Nostrum (halfway heavy work on guitar and saxophone solo, and finally a Jimi Hendrix inspired solo).

Lots of sumptuous eruptions with strong vocals, swirling Hammond and heavy guitar with howling runs in Tempo.

Spoken words and flute in the short Zuoccole, Tammorre E Femmene.

And a strong build in Caracalla '71: from dreamy with sensitive guitar and soaring Hammond to a mid-tempo with awesome interplay, topped with rock guitar, powerful Hammond and fiery saxophone.

My highlights are the two longer compositions.

First Ti Ritroverò (6:35). It starts in a dreamy, electronically inspired climate, with warm vocals. Then a bombastic eruption, followed by a mid-tempo with powerful vocals and fiery guitar leads, and backed by a dynamic rhythm-section. Next the mood shifts to mellow with jazzy electric piano and guitar, culminating in propulsive rock guitar and strong drum beats. This is trademark Osanna, eclectic and dynamic, topped with excellent vocals.

Finally L'Uomo Del Prog (6:15). First a mellow atmosphere featuring melancholical cello play, then a slow rhythm with sensitive guitar runs (evoking Steve Hackett) and Mellotron violins, this is compelling Old School symphonic rock, wow! Now back to dreamy with beautiful vocals and work on the cello, then again the moving guitar and Mellotron violins. Halfway a surprising break featuring swinging piano, rock guitar and violin, the atmosphere changes to up-tempo beat, topped with a heavy guitar solo, Osanna can prog, and rock! Finally strong interplay between powerful drum beats and fiery guitar, ending in bombastic atmosphere, this is Osanna in its full splendor!

R.I.P. Danilo Rustici : guitar, organ and vocals (June 23rd, 1949 - 26 February 26th, 2021)

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