Habelard2 - Copriferro Semantico

Posted: 201021

Review Erik Neuteboom

Band info. “Copriferro Semantico is an album that was originally realized in 1979, in this new edit there are 5 tracks that come from that old work and other 6 from different years.  Composer Sergio Caleca plays keyboards, guitars and electric bass. After short experiences with various progressive-rock groups, he started a solo research activity, moving on electronic, new-age, rock, folk and other contaminations. He was the keyboardist with Ad Maiora, a prog band in Milan, until 2018.”

Incredible, what a variety on this album, wonderfully coloured by tasteful keyboard work from Sergio Caleca and moving guitar play by Ettore Salati (I know him from his work in The Watch, SoulEngine, Alex Carpani, Archangel and The RedZen), backed by Fabio Sereni on drums and Paolo Callioni on vocals.

Seventies symphonic rock with intense electric guitar play (obviously inspired by Hackett), blended with piano, acoustic guitar and lush vintage keyboards (Hammond, Mellotron and Moog) in Muscle Inertia - Part 1.

Folky with acoustic guitars and the Greek bouzouki, in the second part more dynamic with a raw guitar riff and finally a cheerful accordion sound in a mid-tempo in the alternating Bifolky.

A King Crimson-like dark climate with a captivating contrast between soaring Mellotron violins and an agressive electric guitar sound, topped with a growling bass and powerful drums, and finally a Hammond and Minimoog sound in Acquaragia

Exciting electronic music (reminding me of Vangelis and Synergy) in Muscle Inertia Part 2 (soaring strings, spacey synthesizer flights and intense Mellotron), Lullaba (sequencing, classical orchestrations, a synthesizer solo and slightly theatrical Italian vocals), Carosello (pleasant blend of synthesizers and Mellotron violins, synthesizer flights in a cheerful atmosphere) and the final track Copriferro Semantico (spacey with soaring string-ensemble, then an experimental electronic atmospheric sound with beeps and bleeps).

Bluesy in Nothing More (acoustic guitars, slide guitar, piano and English vocals)

And pure rock in There's No Solution (powerful guitar with mediocre English vocals and finally a biting guitar solo) and Crank (lots of changing climates, embellished with a Minimoog solo, rock guitar, a funky bass solo, fiery howling electric guitar and Mellotron violins).

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