Alessandro Corvaglia - Out Of The Gate

Posted: 050921

Review Erik Neuteboom

This is the first solo album by singer Alessandro Corvaglia (known from Delirium, La Maschera di Cera and Hostsonaten to Mr. Punch). He has used the music to let off steam on some current issues, such as the tragedies of migrants who died at sea (Promised land), the absurd conflicts affecting humanitarian institutions by destroying hospitals or other building structures (White Ghosts) and cultural and social barbarism fed by ‘bloggers’ (Preaching Online). Alessandro Corvaglia has invited a wide range of guest musicians, including Gordon Giltrap (on the unreleased A Deed Within A Dream and 12 Towers) and members from Delirium, Finisterre, Hostsonaten, La Coscienza di Zeno.

The 10 compositions delivers a pleasant variety, it sounds very melodic and harmonic, tastefully coloured with guitars and keyboards, and topped with strong English vocals (Les Dougan from Aragon comes to my mind). From a mid-tempo with sparkling Minimoog and mellow saxophone in Promised Land to rock with powerful vocals and fiery guitar in Preaching Online. From dreamy with Mellotron choirs splashes, warm vocals and a second part swith swinging piano in Vision to folky with twanging acoustic guitar, piano and flute in Towers. The instrumental A Deed Within A Dream starts with an acoustic guitar intro, then cheerful Minimoog flights, again acoustic guitar runs, the second part is Vintage Keyboard Heaven featuring Hammond waves, Mellotron choir eruptions, and Minimoog runs, in a bombastic atmosphere. My absolute highlight is the epic final composition (close to 12 minutes) Out Of The Gate. First soaring strings, then a slow rhythm, turning into a bombastic climate with synthesizer flights, with powerful vocals, fiery guitar solo and Minimoog solo, in a mid-tempo. Halfway the music shifts to dreamy, then a strong build-up with emotional vocals and soaring keyboards, gradually the sound turns into more lush and bombastic. A long and moving guitar solo joins, culminating in howling runs, supported by a majestic Mellotron sound, goose bumps!

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