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Review Erik Neuteboom

Anairt: “We think that the Andalusian rock culture is resurgent again in recent times. We are seeing that a good number of bands base their music on this style and that people who remember the best time of Andalusian rock continue to like it, as well as younger people. At Anairt we try to keep that flame burning and that the music that we fell in love with at that time continues to do so in these times.”

Wow, Rock Andaluz, my musical passion, the unique progressive blend of the ethnic Andalusian art of the flamenco and modern music, from rock and blues to prog, psychedelia and jazz. The Rock Andaluz movement was speerheaded by Triana in the mid-Seventies, other excellent Rock Andaluz bands in that era were Cai, Alameda, Guadalquivir, Iman and Mezquita, to name a few. Five piece formation Anairt was founded in 1995 by musicians that listened to Classic Rock like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, and Rock Andaluz, especially legendary Triana (when you read Anairt from right to left you get … Triana!) but also Alameda and Medina Azahara. During the years the band played a lot of gigs but there was a long  period of inactivity (almost 20 years), due to family priorities, and other dedications. Then Ainart re-united to record songs that the band arranged between 1995 and 1999. First they did the mix, and then a few more concerts. Finally the band recorded their album entitled Nuestro Tiempo, it was released in 2021 by the Spanish label 5 Lunas Producciones.

Most of the tastefully arranged 10 tracks contain a mid-tempo, drenched into the distinctive Rock Andaluz tradition, reminding me strongly of Triana and Medina Azahara, especially due to the excellent native vocals. The music is embellished with lots of flashy synthesizer flights, heavy work on the electric guitar (like in Un Avión De Papel and Nuestro Tiempo Acabó), and organ and piano play (especially in Subir Peldaños). The rhythm section does an outstanding job, from tight to dynamic. The use of the flamenco guitar and palmas (handclapping) by  guest musicians Juan Espinosa  and Raúl Rivas in 4 songs evokes that special Rock Andaluz flavour. Other guest musician Ángel Ruíz (guitarist from the Spanish Heavy Prog legend The Storm) delivers a long and fiery solo in the very Triana inspired Una Fiesta De Colores.

Along those many strong mid-tempo rock songs Anairt also wrote a few wonderful mellow tracks. Escaparme De Ti starts with a slow rhythm, in a dreamy atmosphere, featuring warm vocals and pleasant work on piano, flamenco guitar and synthesizer, gradually the sound turns into more lush and bombastic, finally a heavy guitar solo. And in the rock ballad Ya No Queda Nada first a dreamy climate with slightly distorted guitar, and romantic vocals, then a slow rhythm with sensitive electric guitar, halfway tender piano play and guitar, and in the end a howling guitar solo.

The beautiful composition Quiero features very special guest Pepe Roca, the legendary singer of classic Rock Andaluz band Alameda. The intro contains wonderful classical piano play with a flamenco flavour, goose bumps! Then a slow rhythm with intense vocals by Pepe Roca (with his typical melancholical undertone), followed by a howling guitar solo, a very compelling atmosphere. In the second part an accelaration with an exciting, very propulsive rhythm-section, sensational synthesizer flights, emotional vocals, and strong work on guitar and synthesizer, wow, this is Anairt in its full splendor!

Highly recommended for those progheads who are into Rock Andaluz!

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