Røsenkreütz - Divide Et Impera

Posted 190121 

Review by Erik Neuteboom

Røsenkreütz is a solo project from Fabio Serra, a multi-instrumentalist and producer with more than 25 years experience. Between the early Eighties and now he played in several bands, including a Genesis tribute band named Yellow Plastic Shoobedoo, along work as a producer, sound engineer and composer. In 2014 Røsenkreütz released its debut album entitled Back To The Stars featuring Christiano Roversi (Moongarden, Mangala Vallis) on the Chapman stick. And in 2020 the band released its second effort Divide Et Impera, as a six-piece formation, including 3 musicans who play keyboards. I am not familiar with the first CD, listening to this new album I notice that this band sounds as a tight and experienced unit, delivering powerful, dynamic and varied prog.

Very pleasant sounding Neo-Prog (with hints from Pendragon and IQ) featuring flashy synthesizer flights in Free-Fall.

The Holy Trinity of fiery guitar, powerful violin and swirling Hammond like Kansas in the heavy Imaginary Friend.

A fine rock ballad with tender piano, lingering vocals and howling guitar runs in The Candle in the Glass.

A heavy and bombastic sound with rock guitar, Hammond and prog metal riffs in I Know, I Know.

An excellent build-up from dreamy with twanging acoustic guitar, warm vocals and soaring Mellotron violins to tender piano play with powerful drums and bass, and finally sumptuous and compelling featuring strong vocals and orchestral sounding keyboards in Aurelia, one of my highlights.

True Lies is in the vein of AOR with rock guitar, emotional vocals, a tight beat and halfway a biting guitar solo, it sounds pleasant but pretty smooth.

The track Sorry And starts dreamy with rhythm guitar, warm vocals and mellow organ waves, halfway a fiery guitar solo with powerful vocals,  and finally slow and bombastic. Another example how this band alternates between heavy and mellow moments, thus creating tension.

This new album ends with the exciting epic The Collector, it contains a lot of dynamics and tension. In the first part the moods shift between  a prog metal atmosphere (with swirling violin, flashy synthesizer flights, powerful vocals and lush Hammond) and dreamy (with soft synthesizer bleeps and mellow vocals). Then a build-up to more heavy and bombastic with majestic Mellotron violins and a  deep bass sound. Now the distinctive Hammond organ joins, followed by a fiery guitar solo and a fat synthesizer sound (like Van Halen). Next the music turns into dreamy with violin, piano and warm vocals. Suddenly a heavy and bombastic eruption, with a prog metal up-tempo, heavy guitar solo, powerful and dramtic vocals, simply sensational! The final part sounds like the conclusion of a rock opera, first dreamy with piano and vocals, then bombastic with majestic keyboards, a powerful rhythm-section and great vocals, what an awesome interplay, I am blown away!

This is not always the most original band but these outstanding musicians know how to generate excitement, and how to present dynamic and varied harder-edged prog, highly recommended!

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