Il Bacio Della Medusa - AnimAcusticA

This Italian formation was founded in late 2002, Il Bacio Della Medusa (BDM) went through several line-up changes and turned its musical formula into a harder-edged sound with the addition of a guitarplayer. Then in 2004 the band releaesed its eponymous debut album (a blend of folk, prog, rock and ethnic), this was supported with a tour, including several festivals (Italy and France). In 2006 BDM produced a second album entitled Discesa Agl'inferi D'un Giovane Amante, a rock opera. After signing at Black Widow Records the first two albums are re-released, gaining a lot of national and international praise, especially the rock opera. Between 2008 and 2011 BDM tours in Europe. And one year later BDM releases its eagerly awaited third album entitled Deus Lo Vult (a concept), along a live release from the legendary Prog Exhibition festival. In 2015 the new label AMS Records re-releases the first 3 albums, including a version of Fire by Arthur Brown. In 2016 BDM releases the highly acclaimed album Live, 2 years later followed by the fourth studio-album Seme. Late 2019 BDM plays an acoustic concert, released as AnimAcusticA in 2020 during the horrible pandemic.

​I have always been a huge fan of unplugged/acoustic concerts, because of the very special atmosphere, and the expectation how bands are going to switch from electric to acoustic. For me great examples are Led Zeppelin and Golden Earring, incredible, what a skills. But also what an excellent tunesmiths, because that element is very important. On this album I am impressed how fluent and elaborate all tracks sound, embellished with wonderful work on piano, flute (swirling flute traverse in Scorticamento Di Marsia), saxophone and acoustic guitar, fuelled by inventive play on bass and drums. Especially the piano work is outstanding: from tender to sparkling, from classical to jazzy, this is the ace, with the strong and often emotional vocals as second best. The 13 tracks alternate from dreamy and mellow to swinging, often with jazzy overtones (mostly from guitar and piano). The final composition Testamento D'Un Poeta delivers delicate synthesizer flights.

No bombastic keyboards and fiery electric guitars, but if you are up to acoustic/unplugged music this album is a fine addition to the bands its electric work.

© 2020 Erik Neuteboom

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Dank je Paul, fraai compliment!

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Wat een bijzonder mooi geschreven en inhoudelijk zo herkenbare recensie!! Thnx 🙏

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