Super Sister Projekt 2019 - Retsis Repus

With music which has been compaired by many reviewers as Canterbury Scene, Supersister could easily count itself among the best Dutch bands of the time in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Albums like Present from Nancy and Iskander still stand the test of time some 50 years later. So what may SUPERSISTER have sounded like in 2019? According to Robert-Jan Stips in his own words. Well, on this album “Retsis Repus”, released under the name Supersister Projekt 2019,  the recognizable Supersister sound is still here, as can be clearly heard in the opening track Memories Are New IV, with the highly recognizable Supersister organ sound. But on the other hand, a new sound has been added by the addition of violins and trombones. Both styles, for example, come together beautifully in For You And Nobody Else, and makes this Supersister sounds slightly like Big Big Train but with unusual tempo changes and a beautiful violin solo. In Next Door Movie, on the other hand, a vibraphone is being added. I Am You Are Me sounds like the most old-fashioned Supersister. Max Eco and Yellow Days gives a real glimpse into 2019. A serious addition to their oeuvre. Guitars are absent, being somewhat of a trade mark of the band. A large number of guest musicians cooperated with mr. Stips on the album including the rhythm section of the Golden Earring (Rinus Gerritsen: bass, Cesar Zuiderwijk: drums), the Dutch stand-up comedian Freek de Jonge (in Cuckoo), Henk Hofstede,  Rob Kloet, Joke Geraets of the Nits, Peter Calicher (Gruppo Sportivo), Leon Klaasse (Sweet D'Buster, Powerplay, The Pilgrims), Bart Wijtman (Ocobar), Rob Wijtman (Ocobar, Guus Meeuwis) and original Supersister drummer Marco Vrolijk.

Who would have thought that 50 years later the spirit of this band is still around and people like Robert Jan Stips brings this musical playground back to life. Not for a  moment this is old-fashioned or boring. This is fresh, varied and inspiring.

Let’s hope Robert-Jan Stips does another Supersister Projekt !!!

Review: Frans Verweij ©2019

Still thrilled that we went to the same school

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Dank je Paul, fraai compliment!

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Wat een bijzonder mooi geschreven en inhoudelijk zo herkenbare recensie!! Thnx 🙏

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