Eris Pluvia - Tales From Another Time

Eris Pluvia is an Italian band that produces  excellent progrock, often influenced by folk atmospheres when the band uses flute, sax, violin and acoustic guitars. The band sings in English and it is clear that this is not their native language, but it does bring some elegance to the words.  This Genoese band has matured since their 1991 debut “Rings of Earthly Light” of which many say that album contributed to the rebirth of the Italian Prog Scene. Since then they released another 3 albums, that said, with a hiatus of nearly 20 years before the follow up of their debut saw the light  “Third Eye Light (2010). The band said this was due to a coming and going of bandmates, personal problems etcetera. Between “Third Eye Light” and “Different Earth” was a 6 year gap, due to the untimely death of founding member Paolo Raciti. The band said: “We had to start from scratch since he was the leader and heart of the band.”

Fortunately there’s only a 3 year gap with this new album “Tales from another Time”.

 It is no exaggeration to say that Tales From Another Time is a well-conceived piece of work, sometimes really fantastic for both the compositions and the way in which they are presented to us and this also thanks to the capability of an instrumental technique that Eris Pluvia is show casing here. The band has the ability to interact the composition. The amalgamation between the various components  demonstrate their qualities. Certainly they are inspired by the great names of the symphonic progressive scene, but yet they create their peronal touch and that keeps the listener hooked.

 The music of Eris Pluvia is delicate, powerful and visceral at the same time, everything fits perfectly, almost like a score written without the aid of instruments, as if the band had that quality that belongs only to the geniuses, and who was writing the scores without the help of piano or harpsichord if not the great Mozart? Here, Eris Pluvia are one step away from becoming the magnificent of Italian rock, and perhaps they are already that, thanks to this fantastic Tales From Another Time.

A quick review on the tracks on the album:

-When Love Dies, an instrumental, shows off a creepy classicism thanks to the beautiful piano that develops a theme dictated by Canterbury style and perhaps Camel.

-Lost In The Sands Of Time is the first song, sung in English by Roberto Minniti. It give the song an atmosphere of great sinforock, a truly remarkable piece. It  reminds us of Lanzetti of PFM or even  Łukasz "Gall" Gałęziowsk of Polish band Millenium.

-La chanson de Jeanne clocks at about 19 minutes and this is were Eris Pluvia shows you what they’re capable of also thanks to the voice of Ludovica Strizoli. A comparason with Pink Floyd is easy made but they made this timely piece their own. A joy to listen to.

-The call of Cthulhu despite having a Goblinian introduction immediately jumps into a thousand and one night rock opera and clocks at about 12 minutes. It’s a three piece suite (A Stormy Night, The Secrets Of The Sea, The Awakening Of The Gods), Rock Progressivo Italiano at its best and very symphonic.

-Last Train To Atlana brings  us to delicate atmospheres. This entirely instrumental song gives the chills and takes you back in time tot he golden age of Prog, the seventees.

-The Hum, the last song, again divided into different parts (5) is so elegant and well structured, that it could have been made by a very renowned prog band, but this is Eris Pluvia we are talking about and they should be better known in the Prog Scene.

So in short, this a most elegant and structured album with very atmospheric pieces. Fans of Camel and for that matter Pink Floyd will enjoy this very much.

Rating 4,5 out of 5

Review: Jens Bertjens ©2019

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