After the excellent "Fall" (released  August 2016), this album, “Seed”, completes the trilogy on World War I by Freedom to Glide (f2g) which started with “Rain” in 2013, a trilogy which is devoted to the period of hardship and the fate of soldiers in WWI. The lyrics and the anti-war message Is a very important component on this and both previous albums.

F2g consist of Peter Riley (piano, synthesizers, organ) and Andy Nixon (vocals, guitars, bass, keys) whom played together in the Pink Floyd Tribute band  “The Dark Side of the Wall”. They are joined on this album as on “Fall”  by  Louise Wilson (Kafkadiva) and who was also involded with the two lads In the PF project..

We can safely say that the spirit of Pink Floyd wanders around on all three albums, but f2g has managed to create their own recognizable style on each and every album.     

"Seed" opens the CD, and immediately sets the bar very high, only a piano with crystalline notes accompanies the  hushed song of Andy.

“Holding On” could be released as single and in our opinion would go far in the charts, the same applies to  “No Turning Back”, the track that follows.

The “Undertones of War” is f2g at their best. Symphonic and Eclectic, remeniscent of their work on both previous albums

“The Right Within The Wrong” might be the “loudest” track on the album with soaring guitars but what a message in the lyrics. “I’m not broken, but the cracks are plain to see”.

Another masterpiece “The Space between the Lines, clocks more that 6 minutes and is a very melodic piece with Gilmouresk guitars.                             

An acoustic piece follows “The Only Way”, a song about the brotherhood amongst the soldiers on the front. About guilt, that one makes it out alive whilst the other one was not so lucky.

“One Day”, a beautiful piano piece with atmosperic synth questioning themselves if they ever get out of there one day?

"When That Day Comes something" beautiful song when the band wonders who was to blame, who was watching watches. So many souls left in stone, and who is shifting blame.

“Broken Road” follows and would also be a pick to easily hit the charts, but the song realy goes about the scars the soldiers took back to their homeland. Take me away from where my brother lie and where truth and reason died.

"Dear May" is about a letter the soldier held on him to be send to his wife and was hoping it should never come to that.

“Seeds of Hope” with vocals of Louise Wilson takes us back to the beginning of the album. Stolen Souls the Seeds of Hope that die in endless falling rain.

There is so much to enjoy on the album and when you listen to all the lyrics being send to your brain, one wonders if the human race will ever have the sensibility to stop any kind of war.

Review: Frans Verweij © 2019

Freedom to Glide – The Chronicle of Stolen Souls

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Review Erik Neuteboom

Freedom To Glide is a musical duo that consists of Andy Nixon (vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards) and Pete Riley (piano, synthesizers and organ), this is their fourth effort, and my first musical encounter with this duo. Band info: “Our fourth album release The Chronicle Of Stolen Souls has actually replaced this year’s intended album release due to the unfolding world events of 2022, not least the war in Ukraine. The current political language is reminiscent of what we thought to be a bygone era of power politics and serves as a frightening reminder of the worst situations of the last century. We can only hope for peace, not a peace that is forced upon the loser but a peace without victory.”

What a wonderful, pretty laidback music, the nine songs (between 2 and 7  minutes) often deliver dreamy climates and slow rhythms, the focus is on Andy Nixon his intense vocals, tender and often with a melancholical undertone, embellished with moving guitar soli.

My highlights.

Stolen Souls  : The first part contains an atmospheric climate with dreamy vocals and piano, then a slow rhythm., halfway culminating in a sensitive electric guitar solo with howling runs.

The War Cannot Be Won : This track has been built-up beautifully, from dreamy to a slow rhtyhm, with tender vocals, then a break with delicate Mellotron cello and twanging acoustic guitar, bass runs and a warm acoustic guitar solo, finally another moving guitar solo (Gilmour inspired), wow.

Peace Without Victory 06:52 : This is my absolute highlight, it starts dreamy with piano and acoustic guitar, tender vocals, halfway breathtaking interplay between Mellotron violins, piano and drums, goose bumps, then an intense electric guitar solo, and finally again that wonderful interplay between Mellotron violins, piano and drums, I love it.

The Chronicle Of Stolen Souls (Epilogue) : The titletrack opens with a melancholical violin sound and bombastic orchestrations, then tender piano and vocals join, followed by a howling electric guitar solo in slow rhythm. The second part features a dreamy climate with tender piano, and a melancholical undertone.

According to Frans this is The Album Of The Month, well deserved!

Freedom to Glide - Seed

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