Clepsydra - The Gap

Beautiful illustrated by late Sandor Kwiatkowski, long extended songs, familiar sounding neoprogressive style, characteristic, high-quality vocal of Aluisio Maggini and lots, lots (over 60 minutes in total) of really very successful music. All this (and much more) on the new, released after 18 years of silence, the album "The Gap" by the Swiss band Clepsydra. 

Clepsydra with its four previous albums rightly deserved the status of a legend of Neoprog, so it is not surprising that as soon as the first signals of possible disc return appeared on the network of the band (the concert took place a few years ago. As part of the concert re-union, Clepsydra performed, among others, in May 2014 in Konin, and in spring 2015 released a live album registered at the Rosfest 2014 festival) the expectations of progressive music fans soared quickly mountain, and their patience was put to a great test. And finally, I have good news for them all: on August 30, the album entitled "The Gap" was released with completely premiere material. 

Has anything in the Clepsydro group changed during these long years of absence from the market? When I compare the composition from the new and previous studio album, I notice two changes: bass player Nicola DeVita was replaced by Andy Thommen, which means his return to the band (he played on the first three albums), and Luigi Biamino appeared in the place of guitarist Marco Cerulli. Other musicians are: drummer Pietro Duca, keyboardist Philip Hubert and the already mentioned vocalist Aluisio Maggini, so the original members of Clepsydra who have been active in it from the very beginning and have been heard on all previous albums. So, the only personal novelty is the guitarist Luigi Biamino. But don't worry. In a nutshell, I will say this: Luigi does the trick! It's good. 

The album is dominated by long, multi-threaded and extensive compositions. As many as four of them (of the seven that fill the album) last about ten or more minutes. The longest and probably the most important (and in my opinion definitely the best) is the song Millennium. There is a lot going on in it, and the band catches the attention of the recipient from the very first seconds, consistently building tension and grading it, leading it through all the meanders and complexities of their music. 

As a whole, the album "The Gap" makes a very solid impression. I think a neoprogressive audience really should be happy.

Review: Toon Ladder © 2019

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