olish band Millenium delivers on their new album "The Sin" wonderful 24-carat Neo-Prog: melodic, accessible and song-oriented, topped by strong emotional English vocals, very moving guitarwork and often spacey synthesizer flights. See the full review by Erik Neuteboom here: http://www.tvrdo.nl/447839632

The Album of the Month September 2020: The Mighty Handful - Touchy Subjects

The Mighty Handful managed to earn the album of the Month on TVRDO with their new outing "Touchy Subjects" for the 2nd time around. It's predecessor "Still Sitting in Davy's Car Part 3 Rubicon" was appointed AOM in October 2016. This likely bunch from London are a pleasure to work with since for the 2nd time around they've made some wonderful jingles for our show and others from the stations the TVRDO show is being broadcasted on. Without further ado, this is from their press release: The Mighty Handful’s Touchy Subjects shines a uncomfortable light on some dark and ugly realities about relationships – our fears, foibles and failures, our inadequacies, our exploitative appetites and unhealthy obsessions, our inability to face the truth about ourselves and the objects of our desires, and the damage we sometimes leave behind. It’s an album which showcases some discomfiting examples that demonstrate that we’re sometimes not nearly as noble, pure-hearted, honourable and virtuous in matters of love and sex as we pretend.

The album of the Month June 2020: Fish On Friday - Black Rain

Black Rain is the fifth album from Belgian Proggers Fish on Friday and successor to Quiet Life from 2017. Black Rain is about the band's concern for the changing world. The song on the album are about our environment, refugees and world politics. Band frontman Frank Van Bogaert: keys, guitar, vocals is accompanied by Marty Townsend (Blue Blot): guitar, mandolin, Nick Beggs (Art Nouveau, Ellis Beggs & Howard, Kajagoogoo, The Mute Gods): bass, Chapman stick, vocals and Marcus Weymare: drums. Special guests on the album are Nick's daughter Lula: vocals and Theo Travis: flute, saxophone and clarinet.

The album of the Month March 2020: Pendragon - Love over Fear

With "Love Over Fear" the now 40-year-old British group returns to the full, compelling symphonic rock sound of albums "The Window Of Life" and "The Masquerade Overture", "Love Over Fear" is available in three editions: in addition to the standard CD edition, there is a 3-disc version with also an acoustic and instrumental version of the album material and the inevitable vinyl edition: a double LP in a flip cover, with colored 'splatter' vinyl.

The Italian band O.A.K. (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) is a musical project by multi-instrumentalist Jerry Cutillo. After a serie of bands he created the one man band Moses and reached the European charts with the dance friendly song "We Just". Not until 2015 O.A.K. released its first album entitled Viandanze and in 2018 the successor Giordano Bruno, a concept album, which was also voted as Album of the Month by TVRDO in March 2019. After this highly acclaimed second album Jerry Cutillo decided to present another concept album entitled Nine Witches Under A Walnut Tree. "The legend tells that flying through the gorges of the Monti del Taburno, near the city of Benevento, the witches reached a walnut tree where they celebrated rituals. On 14th November 1572, whilst the earth shone with the light of the Tycho supernova, nine stories merged into one sublimating a bond of deep empathy tightened under the branches of that bewitched tree."

The band originate early 2018 when Francesca Zanetta (guitar) left the band Unreal City and teamed up with Alessio Del Ben (drums), Nicollo Gallani (keyboards and member of the band Cellar Noise) and Roberto Bernasconi (bass) to form Quel Che Disse Il Tuono. The music can be best bescribed as symphonic progressive rock inspired by the 70s Italian prog greats since they incorporate vintage sounds but with the use of modern technology. "Il Velo Dei Riflessi" is their debut album and consist of 5 long tracks. The album was produced by Matthias Scheller (known for his production work with Ennio Morricone and Keith Emerson, to name but a few)

The album of the Month May 2020: Realisea - Mantelpeace

Realisea was originally formed in 2011 as a collaboration between Silhouette frontman Brian de Graeve and singer Marjolein de Graeve. Together they wrote dozens of songs which resulted in this album which includes small acoustic songs and melancholic prog pop songs of around 8 minutes. They are being accompanied by a range of guest artists such as Jean Pageau and Michel St. Pere, both of Mystery fame.

The Album of the Month February 2020: Different Light - Binary Suns (Part 1 - Operant Condition)

The second time Maltese/Czech proggers Different Light made it as Album of the Month at TVRDO (Their previous album"Burden of Paradise" was AOM in March 2016). Their new album Binary Suns - Part 1" is a concept album and, as the title suggests, this is part 1 of 2. The group skilfully exploits the melodic and sometimes nostalgic fiber of progressive rock brought up to date and sounds even better than it's predecessor, if that is at all possible.

Lunar Clock is a music project that was formed in 2014 by Robin Boer. The debut album ''The Scream of Nature'' is inspired by works of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. The music is melodic with adventurous instrumentals with influences from Genesis, Moody Blues, and Kayak. The band is completed by Shardan Stream (guitars, vocals), Thefar Side (bass) and Karsten van Straten (drums, vocals).

The album of the Month July 2020: IO Earth - Aura

Aura is the 5th studio album by IO Earth. In a departure from their usual writing style, IO Earth’s Dave Cureton and Adam Gough have created a new album that is still progressive, still genre defying, but is more focused on the exploration and development of melody than ever before. This is an album to listen to with your feet up and relax to.

A refined masterpiece in Italian progressive rock, full of remarkable compositions and arrangements, in which each song catapults you into a magnificent surprise! As descriped in the Brazilian magazine `Prog Sky`. All the more reason for the TVRDO team to take a closer look (read Listen). And yes, Album of the Month truly deserved. Check out our 4 shows this month to have a listen. A full review will follow shortly in our cd/dvd review section.

The Album of the Month January 2020: Karfagen - Birds of Passage

Karfagen is mainly an instrumental band that shows imaginative use of keyboards and guitars, classical and ethnic instruments. Their style can be described as symphonic art-rock with a hint of new-age, folk, jazz-rock and neo-prog in places. Their influences are CAMEL, FOCUS, HAPPY THE MAN, GREENSLADE, THE FLOWER KINGS, UK and KAYAK. This is their 11th consecutive album.

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