The Album of the Month December: Sub Rosa - 11:11

Sub Rosa emerged in 2006 from an idea by bassist Reinaldo José. After many line-up changes this Brazilian outfit released their 3rd album on November 11th which took 7 years of recording.

The Album of the Month November: Mostly Autumn – Graveyard Star

14th Studio Album of folk prog band Mostly Autumn. Erik writes: Graveyard Star sounds as the most captivating and elaborate effort I have listened to in all those years, perhaps their best album? Read the full review here: 

The Album of Month October: The Watch - The Art of Bleeding

The 5th Studio album by The Watch and the 2nd time their efforts have been chosen by our team as Album of The Month. To quote Erik Neuteboom from his review: "On this new album The Watch presents 8 melodic, harmonic and varied tracks, featuring a wonderful colouring with guitar and keyboards and, last but not least, Simone his passionate vocals with that distinctive Peter Gabriel timbre. The Watch succeeds to blend the unsurpassed 70-77 Genesis sound with some fine own musical ideas, and to keep my attention during the entire album."

You can read the full review here:

The Album of the Month September: Tony Kaye - End of Innocence

Our album of the Month September is from ex Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye who took 20 Years to complete an album based on the tragic events on 9/11/01, which not only changed the World as we knew it, but also changed the tollerance we have against our fellow human beings. An epic and historic album. The album has already been reviewed by Erik here:

The Album of the Month August: Nine Skies - 5.20

Band info. “The title refers to the practice dating back to the Second World War, when soldiers were known to take precious family photos (and Pinup Girl photos) and put them under clear grips on their 1911 pistols, called ’Sweetheart Grips’. Many of the grips were made from pieces of broken plastic windows from bombers.” Both Steve and John Hackett aswell as Damian Wilson are making their appearance on this album, and according to the review made by Erik Neuteboom of this album here:  It's a fine album to discover.

The Album of the Month July: Morpheus Project - Mozaick

In the words of reviewer Erik Neuteboom: "What an interesting musical journey by Mustafa Khetty his band Morpheus Project, in the true meaning of the word, very varied and eclectic. But also wonderfully coloured with a wide range of instruments. Morpheus Project's "Mozaick" is a captivating and varied musical journey.
You can read the full review here:

The Album of the Month June: Ciccada - Harvest

Ciccada is progressive rock band formed in Athens, Greece in 2005 and has released three album thusfar, with Harvest being their third. The music of Ciccada is a mix of rock, jazz, folk and the Western European legacy from the middle-ages to 20th century. It is mainly influenced by bands and artists of
the classic `70`sprogressive rock era, in the likes of Gentle Giant, Gryphon and Renaissance.

The Album of the Month May: Cast – Vigesimus

This is Cast's 20th album and according to reviewer Erik Neuteboom "an exciting blend of classical, symphonic rock, jazzrock and Heavy Prog". You can read the full review here:

The Album of the Month April: Lifesigns - Altitude

Our reviewer, Erik Neuteboom, wrote: "I am sure this excellent and accessible new Lifesigns album will appeal to a wide audience!" The full review is here:

The Album of the Month March: The Flying Caravan - I Just Wanna Break Even

Erik Neuteboom reviewed the album already and here are some quotes: "The musical brainchild of this Spanish prog project is guitar player Antonio Valiente, since 2000 he joined several bands, and he was a member of interesting Spanish prog band Numen. Since 2014 Antonio has worked on The Flying Caravan, turning his new muscial project into a five piece formation. On the debut 2-CD I Just Wanna Break Even he has invited guest musicans on saxophone, flute and vocals. For me Flying Caravan is a strong example of the pretty underrated world of Spanish progressive rock, highly recommened, I am curious to the development of this interesting new band with its huge potential."

The Album of the Month February: Asia Minor - Points of Libration

A newly reformed gem from the late 70's early 80's, Asia Minor has reinvented themselves on this third album. Original members Setrak Bakirel and Erik Tekeli are joined on this album by Evelyne Kandel on bass, Micha Rousseau on keyboards and Julien Tekeyan on drums. A review of the album is already published on our Album Review page.

The Album of the Month January: Like Wendy - The Fisher

This is a musical project by Dutchman Bert Heinen, who has again managed to make a varied and pleasant melodic Prog album. His 10th in succession.

You can already read an album review by Erik Neuteboom here:

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